The History

1995 Formation of Jans Sicherheitssysteme GmbH
2002 Merger with the Honeywell Group
2003 Formation of Holzwarth Projektgesellschaft
2005 Formation of Schöner Wohnen Immobiliengesellschaft Ludwigsburg
2006 Strategic split (MBO) to return to classic family-run company
2006 Formation of Jans Holding GmbH
2006 Formation of Schöner Wohnen Vertriebsgesellschaft
2011 Start-up of Jans Elektrotechnik GmbH and Jans Systeme GmbH
2011 Founding of IVMS GmbH with professional system developers specialising in facility management systems
2012 Formation of the Jans Group with Managing Partner Jürgen Jans
2012 Merger with Prinzing Elektrotechnik München GmbH as a joint market presence under Jans Elektrotechnik GmbH with managing director Jürgen Jans
2012 Formation of HP Wohnresidenzen
2013 Cancellation of the merger and joint market presence of Jans Electrical Engineering Munich and Jans Electrical Engineering Stuttgart
2013 Jans Electrical Engineering with headquarters in Stuttgart, sole managing director Jürgen Jans
2013 Increase in the share capital of Jans Sicherheitssysteme GmbH by EUR 1 million
2015 Acquisition of visiomatic GmbH and integration into JANS Group under the brand name of ‘jproducts’, a leading company in the field of home automation that has been in the market for 16 years